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Take Some Time To Check Out Bridges in Los Angeles

By Greg Baker

Los Angeles isn't just for celebrity sight seeing. The town is home to many majestic and historic bridges. If you are planning a visit to the city, be sure to visit these popular bridges in LA.

Vincent Thomas Bridge

The Vincent Thomas Bridge is among the longest suspension bridges in Los Angeles. The bridge connects San Pedro with Terminal Island. Built in 1963, the bridge is 1.1 miles long. The bridge has a suspension span of over 1,500 feet. Building the Vincent Thomas Bridge was no small job. The bridge is constructed of 14,000 tons of steel, 1,200 tons of suspension cable and 92,000 tons of concrete. Before the bridge was opened, the only possible way to reach Terminal Island was by ferry. The first cost of the ferry was five cents. Men were known to swim the channel to get around paying the fee.

Gerald Desmond Bridge

If you're a popular culture buff, the Gerald Desmond Bridge is a must see attraction. This famous bridge was used in the flick Head. The film features the original devotion rite of the bridge. Gerald Desmond Bridge incorporates a through arch design. The bridge carries passengers across the Cerritos Channel and onto Terminal Island. Built in 1965, the bridge spans 410 feet and includes a suspension over the centre of the bridge. In 2010, the city approved replacing the bridge at a price of $800 million. Completion is scheduled for the year 2016.

Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge

One of the more fascinating Los Angeles bridges is the Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge. Found in the Port of L. A. , the bridge was opened to traffic in 1948. The bridge has the honour of being the largest vertical-lift bridge in the Western United States. The vertical-lift allows easy access to boats and ships traveling through the Port of Los Angeles. Like the Gerald Desmond Bridge, the Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge has also been featured in TV and film. Most notably in the 2010 film Formation. As is obvious, Los Angles bridges are known for their distinct design.

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