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Turn Your Vacation Into A Winter Adventure With Yellowstone Snowmobile Packages

By Kathryn Neal

Every year thousands of tourists descend on national parks throughout the United States. These natural treasures are home to absolutely spectacular views found across the states. Many of these locations are visited during the summer months when the weather is perfect for travel. However, a few of these parks are at their busiest during the winter months. Those attracted to cold and snow can take their vacation to the next level with Yellowstone snowmobile packages.

This particular park stretches over 3,468 square miles of land. Encompassing most of Wyoming and parts of Montana and Idaho, it is home to the largest number of geothermal geysers. It is one of the most pristine and diverse set of ecosystems in the United States. Because of its size and variety, individuals looking for an adventure find the snowy landscape perfect.

When winter snows shut down some parks, this one opens a new level of entertainment. Snowmobilers choose to hit the trails, which allow them to traverse three different states. This mode of transportation treats the visitors to beautiful views of lakes, mountains, and wildlife that would be impossible to reach by foot. Tour packages, which include some great perks, are a fantastic way to experience what it has to offer.

Over the years, the National Park Service became concerned over the winter park visitors. As a way to protect the wildlife and natural life, they created new rules which require any snowmobiler be attached to an officially licensed business. Also included in these rules, were the guidelines for vehicles coming in and out of the park. With the rules being so specific, it is often best to simply join an officially sponsored tour.

The National Park Service set which vehicles were acceptable during the winter months. In order to meet the new requirements they must have a quiet engine which also cuts emissions concerns. There are also benefits to the riders. Along with the mobiles being roomy enough for two people, there are no keys to worry about losing. And, the seats come heated, which feels wonderful on day long tours.

Most businesses offer varieties of tours to fit most winter needs. However, companies tend to limit the number of participants within the tour to no more than fifteen vehicles. This may require a bit of pre-planning if set on a particular venue. Or, if flexible, there are many other venues equally as exciting. The park is never closed, so the opportunities are endless.

For those individuals who desire a more relaxing atmosphere, there are sightseeing tours offered to view the Grand Tetons, Old Faithful, the variety of waterfalls and geysers, and wildlife. It is possible to go off the trails to photograph birds, bison, and many other examples of winter wildlife. The slower pace provides the opportunity to truly appreciate and marvel at the amazing components of this protected area.

This natural park is one of the last remaining nearly pristine ecosystems in the world. As more of the forests and habitats disappear around the globe, more people will come to see these wonders. Instead of taking vacation in the summer, with most people, take the chance to explore the winter landscape of this stunning park. With Yellowstone snowmobile packages available on-line and in person, it is easy to book a tour that will last a lifetime.

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