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Rio Lagartos Offers An Enjoyable Trip To The Wilderness

By Linda Patterson

The Yucatan offers more than just vast stretches of beautiful, white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters abundant with marine life. If you are a nature lover, fond of watching birds and many other animals, the coastal village of Rio Lagartos is a home to a variety of animal species. Rio Lagartos, in Mayan translation means 'river of alligators' and dubbed as the 'Land of Flamingoes'. The place is full of alligators as well as crocodiles even if this region does not have any rivers.

The Mayans who inhabited this land named it 'Holkoben', which is presently a biosphere reserve. Serving as a transit point for the Mayans, it enables them to rejuvenate themselves from their journey to and from the salt pans and lagoons. Several of the remains of this notable ancient civilization still mark the landscape like cenotes plus Mayan huts which offer curative mud baths to curious tourists. The other parts of the biosphere reserve consists of mangrove forests, scrub lands, lagoons and fresh water springs; all of which are excellent ingredients for a wonderful adventure travel holiday.

You can choose to tour this place by day or by night. The daytime temperatures in this region are high which makes night time the best time or with higher chances to spot wildlife in its natural setting. Going on a guided tour and reaching the farthest corners of this habitat is a must for any true nature enthusiast. Throughout the hike you will be guided by a local guide. You will be seeing a lot of marvelous sights as well as learn the contribution of plants and animals to the ecosystem.

Adventure tours to this region can be taken on bikes, kayaks or foot, depending on what the tourists prefer. Regardless of the mode of transport chosen, taking into account the dos' plus don'ts would guarantee that the trip into the wilderness is not only an enriching experience but an amazing one, as well.

Full length pants as well as full sleeved shirt must be worn in this tour. To protect yourself completely, one must put on a well fitting shoes and a hat. Protect your skin from sunburn by applying a sub block and keep bugs at bay by applying a mosquito repellent. You would also need to bring a raincoat, sufficient drinking water as well as enough cash for the trip and for emergency. Before you embark on this adventure trip, make sure you bring with you a camera and binoculars.

Because the main reason for going to this biosphere reserve is to see crocodiles in their habitat, researching these creatures before the excursion provides you with far better understanding. The majority of the adventure holiday tours within this area center on the Mexican variety, also referred to as Morelet crocodile, which is thought to be the offspring of a long as well as ancient family tree stretching over 125 years. Even though, they are in smaller size compared to their American counterparts, these are recognized based on some unique features such as dark bands on their length and also webbed hind feet.

Because they have the ability to survive in diverse surroundings, Morelet crocodiles can be seen near fresh water bodies. They can be spotted around some cenotes and in a spring along the lesser known hiking path of Sendero Peten Tucha. Their major priority is seclusion and one of the many reasons that they have survived in this area for way too long is its thick forest cover which functions to safeguard the juvenile until finally they're at the right age to venture out.

In your biology class in the classroom, you can learn all of these creatures. But in case you are given the chance to venture out on a real adventure tour then grab the chance. Remember, nothing can teach you better than a real life experience.

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