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Hilton Head SC Island Is The Best Vacation Point

By Ryan J Lockhart

Hilton Head Island had been awarded as one of the World's Best Tourist Destinations by the CNT.

Awarded by Forbes Travel Guide, one of the hotels in Hilton Head received a four-star award for being one of the most outstanding hotels in the US.

The world knows and admires Hilton Head Island

-Last 2004, Hilton Head was given the platinum award by the American Living Awards for having the cleanest and most gorgeous kitchen in a family home.

-Dene Wilmot, TidePointe's Sales Director gave the Island the 2012 Packet Readers' Choice award for being the most outstanding low country resort town in the country.

-Community's hospital has been given the Guidelines Heart Failure Gold Quality Achievement Award by the AHA or American Heart Association.

-One of the Island's resort ranked 9th on Golf Digest's best US vocational spots.

Delight on the best sandy beaches

There is plenty of exciting water activities that you and your family can enjoy because Hilton Head Island is the best place for beach fun. As a matter of fact, the Island ranked 10th among the 50 resorts for parents and kids in Travel and Leisure Family survey. Take part of the Island's amazing 12 miles of water bodies giving you unlimited ideas to do while on vacation. Vacation should not always be about relaxing but also for experiencing outdoor excursions wetting your feet on rivers bays and creeks. Create your own unforgettable beach adventures.

Enjoy riding your bikes in Hilton Head

If you would like to experience biking at its best then go to Hilton Head where there are 3 miles of biking trails that lead you to places where you can watch over the dolphins or have a sneak peek on the resting alligators. Cyclists have considered this town as the American biking paradise. As a matter of fact, the town received a silver designation award by the LAB (League of American Bicyclist) for being a bicycle friendly community.

Facts on the Island's bike lanes and paths designed for all cyclists:

1 mile of single track is well established

Planned pathways reached to about 14 miles

All cyclists are provided with bike lanes reaching about 6 miles

There are 100 miles of shared use path (all well paved to provide safety to all bikers)

As what most people call it, the cycling paradise, the Island offers long bike trails that reached almost 60 miles with printed maps all over the place to guide and guard bike riders. Be guided to anywhere in the Island with your two wheels and explore great shopping stores, restaurants and golf courses without having to worry of jammed traffic. The local government of the Island also offers biking clubs to residents and visitors to help them enjoy the most out of their biking experience. Give you and your family a ride, hop on to your bikes and start working out with the pedals.

Dine on Hilton Head Island

Have you tried trimmed steaks with a hand selected wine in the side? Well, the Island just have more than 180 dining spots to choose from, from bars to fine dining, you always have the right menu for the whole family. With several homemade dishes and foreign cuisines, picky eaters can never resist. The Island makes sure that menus will cater all the members of your family including your children (without even compromising the needed nutrition).

Exciting fishing on Hilton Head Island

Let your fish tales begin. The Island is just the right spot where you can catch snapper, grouper, swordfish, spot tail bass and many more. Covered with the rich water bodies from the Atlantic Ocean and lagoons, you always have the perfect spot to catch fish. Whether you want to compete with the bottlenose dolphins or just plainly enjoy swimming in the ocean, this low country resort town will always grant you adventure and surprises.

Get fishing license in order to enjoy all the rich water bodies and unlimited fishing opportunities. Licenses are normally distributed to anglers 16 years old and above. This is the local government's way of protecting the anglers and the water bodies. You may get fishing license from any of DNR authorized outlets like shops and major retailers. Water sports like fishing should be fun yet safe. Natural flora and fauna will always be there to accompany you with your fishing so that you can have the best fishing experience.

Relax and enter into your wildest imagination

Unwind and enjoy. The Island is the perfect place to relax and free your mind from stress. Far away from the disturbing traffic and city lights, let the Island's flora and fauna take you to paradise. What only limits you on the things to do in the Island is your imagination. Take your whole family and head up just 20 miles north of Savannah and south of Charleston. Hilton Head is the perfect getaway for you and your loved ones.

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