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Belize And Its Unspoiled Natural Wonders

By Linda Patterson

The country Belize is located in Central America on the Caribbean coastline. This amazing place is bordered on north by Mexico, on the east by the Caribbean Sea and on the south by Guatemala.

You can never go wrong going on a Belize tour as you will experience an exciting and relaxing vacation. There are many people that are attracted to this country because it's packed with many natural, beautiful as well as magnificent attractions. What makes this place so blessed are its friendly and welcoming people, amazing Mayan ruins, rich tropical forests, pristine waters, coral atolls and barrier reefs.

Mayan Ruins Of Belize

Because Belize was the home of the earliest Mayan civilization hence the Mayan culture is a part of its rich heritage. This country was inhabited by nearly one to two million Mayas during the peak of their civilization. The strong presence of the Mayan influence as well as culture remains in this country even though this ancient civilization is already extinct.

The architectural skills of the Mayas are displayed through the amazing Mayan ruins which amazes every visitor that looks at them. The ancient people have built breathtaking temple pyramids that amaze every visitor. And every people who have seen these structures feel great respect for the long lost civilization. The contributions of the ancient Mayas stood the test of time and they serve as a reminder that there was once a civilization that existed that had left a legacy that continues to influence and attract the modern world.

Caracol, Altun Ha, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Lubaantun, Lamanai, Nim Li Punit and Cerros are the most visited Mayan sites in this region. Tikal is in fact regarded by many people as a Mayan site of Belize since it is more reachable from Belize than from Guatemala proper.

Marine Wonderland Of Water Lovers

The Caribbean Sea's crystal clear, azure waters make Belize a marine wonderland to behold. Its barrier reef is considered second largest in the world as it extends for approximately 185 miles. It holds mangroves, white sand beaches, coral atolls, roughly 200 isolated cays, 400 tropical fish species, 70 coral varieties, making it a true marine wonderland.

The diver's paradise known as the Blue Hole is found here which makes this place a must-see for every diving enthusiast. This natural hole is thought to be a cave whose roof might have collapsed many years back. As time passed by, the cave has been formed into a virtually perfect hole which provides the most extraordinary view of suspended stalagmites and stalactites.

Enjoy all sorts of water activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing, kite surfing, water skiing and sailing.

Discover Belize's Natural Beauty

Belize is blessed with natural beauty that is yet to be discovered. It's comparable to a secret paradise with plenty of fascinating waterfalls, untouched rivers, lush vegetation as well as mystical caves. Tropical forests are also found and most of them are near each other. And, each of them possesses natural splendor that has remarkable animal wildlife such as the attractive pumas, amazing jaguars, incredible Howler monkeys and also the nearly endangered Tapirs.

It is deemed as Mother Nature's best kept secret because of the unspoiled natural beauty it holds.

Friendly Locals

Any kind of place can't be thought of as a wonderful destination when the people aren't friendly and hospitable. This place is one of the top choices of most tourists because of the friendly locals.

People here are mostly from a mixture of various races like the Creoles from the African slaves and British settlers and Mestizos or the Spanish Mayan people.

A small population of Lebanese, Chinese and Mennonite exists in this country.

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