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Vacations of the Rich & Famous: Mendocino Wineries

By Philip Vonwrede

Mendocino wineries consume California-grown grapes into fine wine varietals. The Medocino County is the biggest region found in California and also delights in a vineyard-friendly climate. Being separated by the Medocino range, this wine region thrives in being subjected to 2 climatic zones. Medocino is the wine center of California, wherein in grapes are grown and harvested organically. At least of all vineyards found there adhere to this practice as well, making Medocino the chief promoter of organic farming. Due to this fact alone, writers and reporters flock to this area to learn more about it.

Toulouse Vineyard spearhead the movement of ensuring that the best kind of grapes are grown and developed into the finest quality of wine with the use of environmental-friendly practices and techniques. Their ultimate goal is to provide the most excellent blend of Pinot Noir by fortified by the passion and dedication of winemaking. As Maxine and Vern Boltz, the owners, have stated, their experience in managing the vineyard was filled with delightful stimulation as they began from just fruit growers and ended up a part of Mendocino Wineries. They make sure to only release the most polished and perfect wine to their customers which is perfect for their small scale production.

I love Goldeneye Winery and their Pinot Noirs wines. Goldeneye Winery has for all existence been dedicated to its goals of producing Pinot Noir wines with world wide recognition. It is situated along migration route of the popular Goldeneye duck and at the heart of the Anderson valley. Its top wine varietals include the 2011 Goldeneye Anderson valley Vin Gris, the 2010 Goldeneye Anderson valley Pinot Noir and others.

Small and charming, try Husch Vineyards Winery. One of the first wineries to be built in the Mendocino Wineries is the family-operated Husch Vineyards Winery. With only a few hours drive from San Francisco in Northern California, you can witness the third generation of the Husch family provide the most refined wine in their tasting rooms. You may also find other wine varietals there as it currently has 22 different kinds of wines and drinks. Some of their wines are also shipped to different places in the United States, which confirms their ardor in setting the bar in wine production.

If you would like to see some wonderful sights, road trips and drinking champagne, then Roederer Estate Winery should be your number one stop. Every moment spent there is worth your while with their spacious wine tasting room. Even though the Anderson wine valley is smaller compared to other wine counties, every guest there is promised to have the best time.

Esterlina Vineyard is a Merlot lovers dream! Found in Philo, the Esterlina Vienyards & Winery is owned and operated by Erick Sterling and Lynn Krausmann. They are the top wine makers in the whole region. A few varieties that is being produced here are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfadel, Pinot Noir and Riesling.

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