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The Range Of Vacations To Peru

By Tabatha Fickel

If you are looking for a different type of holiday experience, consider checking into vacations to Peru. This is a country that is large and varied in climate and topography. There are cities such as Lima, Arquipa and Cuzco. If you prefer a rural or wild environment, you can visit the Andes, rain forests or Pacific Ocean beaches and waters. You should do your planning online so that you can learn as much as possible about the destination before you get on the plane.

it may surprise you to learn that Peru has rain forests as well as mountains. If your interest is seeing this type of surroundings, consider a visit to the Manu Wildlife Center. You can see one hundred food tall palm trees. Brazil nut trees provide a cash crop for the locals. For a jungle river trek, try the boat trip on the Madre de Dios River. There you will see four feet long otters at the Sandoval Lake. The South American tapir can be seen in Peru.

Centuries ago, it is said that fleet-footed messengers could convey fresh caught fish from the coast to Machu Picchu within a matter of hours, using the "Inca Trail". The trail is not a single route, but a system of roads that connected the far-flung parts of the empire. By booking in well in advance, today's tourist can trek any of several stretches that still exist. Perhaps the best-known one is the four-day route from Cuzco to Machu Picchu.

One of the most stunning example of Spanish architecture is in the City of Lima. Just spending time in Lima is enough vacation for many visitors. The Monastery and Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi consists of a church and monastery it also contains a library with around 25,000 volumes and catacombs. The architectural style is Spanish Baroque.

Lake Titicaca is an area that has the distinction of being the highest navigable lake in the country. At 12,000 feet elevation, it is a challenge for those who are accustomed to lower altitudes. In fact, it is necessary to acclimate slowly to avoid altitude sickness. The lake is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia.

If you are a well-toned athlete, you may want to travel by mountain bike from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado. This is not a trip for the weekend biker. You will need to be in good physical condition and have good stamina.

Another type of trek is riding one of the amazing Peruvian Pasos horses. These animals are called Cadillac due to their smooth gait and comfortable ride. You could spend hours in the saddle and not be saddle sore. This characteristic makes them perfect for riding in the mountains of Peru.

Vacations to Peru can begin with an internet search. This will allow you to review the activities you know you enjoy. It allows you to learn about some outside the comfort zone activities as well. After all, a rewarding vacation should be something that you don't do every day.

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