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Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point Mexico Has It All

By Teddy Williams

Good old Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco has been a destination for most folks north of the border for a long time. A fishing village that goes way back is really close to the border and only about an hour from the town of Sonoita. Puerto Penasco offers an escape for all that want to relax and enjoy life.

Miles of unaltered and undisturbed sand used to line the coast of Rocky Point Mexico with you often seeing folks camping with tents along the beach. Condos are now lining the skyline and have taken over the sands of Sandy Beach. Even though you are not allowed to ride your off road vehicles along the beach now, there are plenty of things to do when visiting beautiful Puerto Penasco.

The condos have opened up a lot for the town of Rocky Point. It has helped the local economy by supplying jobs to locals and increasing tourism. Folks from all over have bought condos for retirement homes and thus, have invested in the town of Puerto Penasco.

Sitting from your condo you can view the ocean from an 8th floor condo and see dolphins swimming in the ocean or birds diving for fish. You can see the shrimp boats going out at night to catch their limit. You can see people flying their ultra lights out over the ocean and landing off in the distance on some sandy runway. People are having a blast in Rocky Point and they can relax knowing they are only 45 minutes from the border.

It has been a long time coming but the road to California for Rocky Point is now open for business. In addition to the road being open, flights are now available to fly to Rocky Point with it being anticipated that more will follow. With Mayan Palace and other big businesses taking up real estate in Rocky Point, more will certainly follow as well. In addition to this, food chains and fine restaurants can be found everywhere with more and more being added each year.

There is a plethora of activities to do in Arizona's beach town which include: fishing, dinner cruises, canoeing, laying out in the sun, walking along the beach, whale watching and much more. No matter what you like to do, you will certainly find something to do. What remains a favorite for all folks is the beautiful sunsets that are in Rocky Point.

With Househunters International recently airing a live show from the sands of Sandy Beach, Rocky Point is on the international map of places to go. I don't see any change in this and it will continue to grow. Cruise ships will be docked in Rocky Point in the very near future and a lot of money has been invested in this. Along with the international airport, this small fishing town will continue to grow.

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