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The Main Components Of The B2 Visa

By Tony Clerk

Visa serves as endorsement on the passport indicating that the passport holder is permitted to stay, leave or enter a country for a certain period of time. Several different passes of this sort are issued. The B visa is one type that is given in the United States to foreigners that want to enter the country temporarily. The two B types: B2 Visa and B1 visa.

B1 types are used by the people who have business purposes in the country. B2 kinds are for those who are wanting to enter for their own pleasure or purposes that are not related to business or work. These two categories may be put together, which is called a B1-B2 visa, granting holders the opportunity to come into the US for pleasure, business or both pleasure and business.

There is a cost for these passes. Typically there is an application fee that is applied. An issuance fee may also be charged, but this will vary by nation depending on the fee reciprocity. As with most other visas issued by the American government, there is a period of validity. Usually this is between 1-10 years. The pass may allow for multiple or one entry into the country and elicits a period of stay that is recorded by Customs and Border Protection officers at the point of entry. Validity periods are dependent on the country, ranging from three months up to 10 years.

B2 types are usually permitted for up to six months. B1 passes usually lasts long enough for individuals to conduct their business, six months, and may grant individuals extension for an additional six months. Extensions are usually available to those who have not violated condition of admission.

A lot of things can go under the category of business and pleasure. People might enter on a business pass if they have to purchase materials or supplies, handle exams or tests, perform professional duties, sign or negotiate contracts, settle estates and hold meetings or conventions.

People who want to come for purposes of pleasure must obtain the B2 pass. They are usually given to people who want to travel throughout the states, visit with family or friends, get involved in fraternal, service or social activities, or get medical attention. The pass can be applied by some cohabitating couples.

To obtain this, people must present a valid passport. Likewise, individuals must show to the consular officers that they plan to return to their homeland following the completion of their time period. They must also agree not to do any unauthorized working while in the US. The visa is only given to those who can prove that they have the financial resources needed to support their travel and living expenses while visiting.

The B2 visa is issued in the United States of America with valid passport. This particular pass is given to individuals who are requesting temporary time in the country for non-business related purposes, such as tourism. Typically these are granted for up to six months. In some cases, extensions may be given. Those interested in immigration may hire immigration lawyers to help them attain permanent citizenship.

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