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The Mayan Rainforest

By Linda Patterson

The Maya rainforest is the second largest rainforest in the world next to the Amazon rainforest. It covers the region of Belize, Northern Guatemala and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. When it comes to the best destination for family vacations as well as Maya jungle tours, it currently ranks as the best and well known. It is a home to a diverse flora and fauna. It is blessed with natural resources that had provided for the ancient Maya civilization.

The Mayan rainforest was always attractive, untouched and mysterious. After the ancient Mayans came to exist centuries back they must have been encompassed by tall trees establishing an impenetrable cover overhead as well as thick scrub at their feet. However, credit would go to the ancient members of this civilization to have discovered means to make use of the plants and creatures in the most effective way possible as well as adjust to the forest in order to get lots of advantages from it.

The majority of the ancient people were in fact born gifted healers and it is from nature that they get their healing powers. They make their remedies out of the natural resources provided by the jungle. Their forefathers perform traditional healing rituals that were passed on to the next generation. The ritual is carried out by means of invoking the four natural elements like fire, earth, air and water.

Most of the Central America countries have tropical climate and experience dry and wet season throughout the year. Due to the fact that a rainforest has the delicate ecosystem, it truly is vital for just about any civilization that wishes to survive to become sensitive to its natural environment. The environment is given importance by the Mayans which are reflected through their rituals, inscriptions, sculptures, and text arts.

Historians were wondering how the Mayas were able to build such enormous cities in their tropical rainforest that has a thin layer of top soil. According to research, the Mayans were able to sustain a huge population for more than a hundred years because of the amazing ways of storing rainwater and good farming methods. The available resources should be properly managed and proper management of resources might have saved their civilization from annihilation.

Constructing an immense water reservoir was one of their strategies to be able to provide for their city; some of these reservoirs were found in the walls of the Mayan city of Uxul and were firstly uncovered by archaeologists in the year 2010. Having an area of 100 sq. Meters, they call the reservoir monster pools. They also called these 'aguadas'; these were built to provide water supply for the entire city. The base of the aguada was found to have been made with ceramic shards and the top covering was made out of limestone, a rock which is abundant in those areas. This system is clever as the reservoir can be sealed on all sides, securing the water inside and guaranteeing sufficient water supply during the dry months.

The majestic buildings of the Mayas and the quality of their construction have left the world enthralled. They've used the limestone in the rainforests as building materials which have exhibited their craftsmanship and that have equipped their constructions to have endured the test of time.

The well known Mayan ceramic art is caused by the supply of clay on the river banks which was first collected after which shaped in order to produce lovely pieces of art.

The rich tropical rainforest was left behind by the Mayans and it has continued to provide today's generation with natural resources. A guided adventure tour will take you to the heart of the tropical jungle through to the ancient Mayan ruins.

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