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Great Attractions In Mexico City

By Frank D. Gardner

A lot of beautiful places can be visited in Mexico, from the ancient Mayan ruins to the central highlands' remote mountain towns to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and so much more.

Embark on a jungle adventure to the heart of the Mayan rainforest and the ancient ruins, see a number of flora and fauna, swim or snorkel in the blue waters of the Caribbean, enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine and visit the colorful street markets that sell interesting souvenir items.

There are guided Mexico tours offered that will facilitate for you a wonderful vacation.

Yucatan Peninsula As A Tourist Spot In Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula is amongst the most famous travel destinations in Mexico. It separates the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and sits in the southeastern Mexico.

A tour to this place will give you insight about the rich culture of the ancient Mayan civilization as well as explore their best kept attractions, white sand beaches and thick jungle. This place is where one can find the National Parks, the World Heritage Sites; it also offers exciting nightlife and guided tours to the ancient ruins and temple pyramids of Palenque, Campeche, Tulum and Chichen Itza. There are plenty of activities in store such as a boat ride along the Lagoon of Seven Colours in Bacalar, swimming in the beaches of Playa Del Carmen and snorkeling in the cenotes and more.

The Most Visited Mexican Riviera

Extending from Esenda to Acapulco, the Mexican Riviera covers more than 2,000 miles of scenic coastline with modern resort cities.

Along the beach of the Mexican Riviera are resorts that offer good lodging and restaurants that offer tasty Mexican food and international cuisine. The highlights of this tour are the visit to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.

The Vibrant City Of Mexico

Mexico City offers many attractions to tourists such as the National Palace with its brilliant architecture, fine museums such as the Palace of Fine Arts, the largest Cathedral name Catedrale Metropolitano and the amazing Aztec ruins.

The northern part of the city is believed to be a holy place honored by the Catholics from all over the world as it is home to the popular Basilica de Guadalupe where the Lady of Guadalupe (a religious icon of the Catholics) appeared.

Morelia As A Fine Tourist Destination

Morelia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was formerly known as Valladolid and one of Mexico's most important and beautiful cities. In this city you can see beautiful plazas, great architecture and amazing walled-gardens.

The urban plan of the city features the Mesoamerican and Spanish architectural design. The styles of the Renaissance and Baroque architecture are dominant in the Old Town.

Helpful Tips on Your Travel To Mexico

It is highly advisable to go on a guided tour in this enchanting country as it is troubled by drug lords. Embarking on an unguided trip is discouraged especially when going out of the established tourist areas.

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