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Student Group Travel Saves Money

By Kathryn Neal

Summer time is travel time for students, and many like the idea of student group travel. This idea can really help you to save money when travelling. We like to spread the word when we have to ideas on how to save money. It is certainly cheaper to travel together with others than by yourself and it can also be a lot more fun too.

A good way is to stay in hostels. There are plenty of student hostels available all over the world that caters to students. These offer dormitory style sleeping accommodation, or rooms with multiple beds in building that often have historical interest. We stayed in a nice place in London England that used to be the school for choirboys at St. Pauls.

Most hostels also provide a place to buy simple cheap meals like cereals for breakfast and packed lunches plus bottled water and soft drinks. These places do shut down during the day, so you cannot stay in them during the day, but you usually want to be out exploring anyway. Some hostels are quite large and can accommodate large groups of students, or if you are traveling in a smaller group there are smaller hostels that may be more intimate and have a cosier atmosphere.

Students generally do not mind a little discomfort when travelling, and this may allow you to take advantage of the extreme discount airplane travels. There are a number airlines which offer extremely low fares and this can really cut down on hour costs. Booking in a group may also cut down on the cost of traveling by plane or by train.

Many countries and even much of Europe offer train passes, which are much cheaper for those still in the education world. Britain offers the Britpass, and Europe offers the Europass. Both have a vastly reduces cost for those still studying. Take advantage of these offers, and you and your friends can save even more money if you travel together.

Attending or going to attractions, can cost a good deal of money, but if you pay as more than one person, then you can usually save money. Most European attractions will give discounts for more than 5 or 7 people. So if you are not more than 7, then wait around and collect a few more studious people and say you are together, and save even more money! Make sure you take your proof of studentship because they will often ask for it.

Bikes are great ways to save money and to see the scenery and meet the locals. You can either take your own bike, or rent a bike once you get to your destination. Moreover, there are great placed to join up with other like minded individuals to save money on accommodation, and bike rentals.

These are just some suggestions of how student group travel can save you money when you head out from home into the wide world. Keep these ideas in mind when you are planning and you are sure to save money. Moreover, remember to have fun!

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