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Convenience Of SeaTac Airport Parking

By Jennie Sandoval

Airports seem to be synonymous with space issues, and Seattle's SeaTac Airport parking is an interesting exception. This does not mean that they have all the space in the world though. However, they have a great deal of car park space available. Trying to decide where to park is the problem. You have to consider some factors when deciding where to park, cost, closeness to the terminal, and other things as well.

SeaTac has many options. There is for example, the main under cover airport-parking garage, which is massive. It houses 9000 cars and vans, and connects directly to the terminal building. The prices charged to park there are considerably more expensive than in other parts of the facility. For example it costs $35 for just a day but it is very convenient.

Many people work at the air port, and rent a parking-space in the general space. This will set you back about $350 a month. If you have to park a vehicle that is over six feet ten inches high, then you will have to enter the parking garage by the South 182nd street entrance, as the regular entrance gates are too low.

There are twelve spaces only on level G provided for electric car plug-ins. This is not nearly enough in our modern world, but better than we have found in some airports which have exactly none! Accessibility car parks are handled much better and they will even make sure there is some available if you call beforehand to check, even if you are flying out very early.

There are other options open to the longer term parker. If you are planning on leaving your car at the place and then flying out, you might be better to use one of the outlying car park services. There are excellent services that take your keys and park your care for you. Better yet, some allow you to park it yourself, and allow you to keep your keys.

The distance services deliver you and your luggage to the terminal and drop you off for your flight. This means you are also saved the trouble of having to pull right into the place to park, or it saves you the trouble and expense of a taxi. Some of the services even offer a compressed natural gas delivery service to save on the environment.

Everyone pretty much collects air miles these days, and many of these services allow you to collect these on your motor vehicle park fees too. As you will almost certainly have to use either a taxi or a car park service, it make sense to use a service where you can earn air miles, and get extra vacations sooner.

Whenever we have to fly out of Seattle's SeaTac airport parking seems to be involved. Luckily, the airport is well provided with car park services. This includes the official park space attached to the terminal where they even have plugs for electric cars, to the outlying services.

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