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Families Often Seek World Travel Advice

By Javier Mcnear

The average globe trotter who has not been traveling lately might want to consider getting some world travel advice. Parts of the planet that used to be ideal vacation spots are now in political and economic turmoil. Not everyone has time to do their own research, so seeking an agent for a few tips on ideal locales is a good idea.

Many travelers might not consider that there are current economic crises which have been taking place in Greece and Iceland. Greece is still entrenched in a mess, and there are even food riots which have been reported around the globe. Iceland, on the other hand, has gone a long way towards solving their crisis, and there are great sites there to see.

Iceland has really brought themselves out of the hole financially. Unlike many European nations, Iceland refused to be bailed out by the international bankers, and chose to struggle with their economy on their own. In fact, they even arrested and jailed their former leaders for having brought them to the brink of collapse.

Iceland is now a great place to visit. Travelers are able to go there for much less than the cost of some other destinations, and Iceland welcomes them with open arms. With the opening of the largest nature conservatory in the world, tourism is a big part of their economic recovery plan. This is a safe and ideal holiday for the family wishing to venture out into an exotic locale.

Much of the Middle East is caught up in civil war, poverty, and a general economic collapse. However, there are countries such as Saudi Arabia which still boast a booming tourism industry. Saudi Arabia encourages Western visitors to see their many attractions, including artificial island resorts, and their new mile-high hotel.

For the time being, those who wish to visit the Far East might want to avoid Japan, who is still recovering after the earthquake and tsunami. Vietnam encourages visitors from all over, as does Thailand. China still has a great tourism program for those who wish to see The Great Wall and visit Beijing or even Hong Kong.

Anyone who seeks world travel advice will discover the many options available which they might not have considered. Some of these exotic locations offer a great adventure, not to mention an opportunity to learn history and culture. Keeping an open mind to unexpected destinations can result in the vacation of a lifetime.

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