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Stuffed Unicorns For Your Princess

By Jennie Sandoval

Children love to imagine living in a fantasy land where fairy-tale creatures surround them day and night. To make that dream come true for the little princess in your life, you can make her boring bedroom into a magical castle that will captivate her. A crucial factor in this will be including plenty of stuffed unicorns for her to enjoy.

Selecting the colors to be used in this project is the first thing you must do before you begin. This should be fairly easy, as your choices will be naturally narrowed by what your princess prefers. Pick out a few different shades and colors that complement the primary one so that you can fit everything else around it.

Next, decide what color you will paint the walls. A lighter shade is usually a good choice for this, as darker ones can make the room look smaller. You can also include borders with a royal theme, or even try stenciling shapes and patterns over the paint once it is dry.

Next, you must decide whether the furniture already in the room suits your needs, or if you will want to replace any pieces. If you do not want to get rid of things entirely, you can also consider simply updating things like desks and dressers with new bits of decoration like rhinestones and ribbons, or by touching them up with some new paint. This can make a huge difference in how they look, and can make them more suited to the overall theme that you are creating.

Once the furniture is in place, you will need to make a few decisions regarding fabric for bed linens and curtains. If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make these things yourself, although of course there are many options already available from housewares retailers. Whatever option you choose, make sure it fits well with your theme.

There are so many types of plush unicorns out there that it can be almost overwhelming. Whichever ones you choose to include, however, your princess is sure to love them. Decide on a few that you think will look the best, and do not hesitate to include more than one type. The more unicorns inhabit this magical realm, the more she will love living there.

To truly delight the new room's occupant, you can place a stunning, sparkling princess costume dress on the new bed and watch her eyes light up. She will love reigning in her new castle with her dress. Her happiness will warm your heart as well when you think of how you created this special, unique fairy-tale just for her.

Unicorns may seem like just another type of stuffed animal at first, but there is truly something special about them. Using stuffed unicorns to create a magical castle in the bedroom of your little princess will help you capture that magic. Enchant and delight her for many years by allowing her to live in a land where enchanted creatures surround her day and night.

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