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Things That You Can Do In Playa Las Tortugas Nayarit

By Esther Salazar

You can spend your time as a volunteer in playa las tortugas nayarit helping to preserve the endangered sea turtles. Mexico's pacific cost is known to be the breeding ground of the fragile sea turtles. However with pervasive industrial development, this breeding ground is at risk of soon becoming commercial beach properties where vacationers and tourists stay.

Some of these turtles no longer have a place to lay their eggs. The areas in the beach have been invaded by careless party goers and other people who leave their trash in the beach. You cannot control these people to be leavign their wastes behind just like that especially when the area has no measures of control and monitoring in place.

There are only a few species left and they are also in great risk of extinction. That is why environmental organizations especially those that are concerned about the plight of these sea turtles are calling out to those who have a heart for these sea turtles to spare a few of their precious time. Spend time with these turtles and help them live even for just a little while longer.

By then, there will be no more space where sea turtles can spend private moments. They will be disturbed by the presence of these party goers and other vacationers in the area. You should wonder where these sea turtles could go. They will become homeless if that ever happens.

They can get stepped on by stomping careless party goers especially during the night when they come in droves to the shore to hatch their eggs. Here is a little trivia for you. According to studies, sea turtles always come back to the place where they were born.

The fact that these fragile sea turtles choose the place is a great indication of its beautiful environmental makeup. The sea turtles must find Mexico a really beautiful place for them to choose it over other places to breed. So people should not waste this land with their useless and mindless selfish motives.

Sea turtles can also land at night and party goers can stay up late at night partying and may have no idea that while they are dancing to the beat of the party or just walking by the beach, they accidentally crush these cute sea creatures. That would be heart wrenching to think about. It is totally heartless and irresponsbile of people, of businesses and of all the people who allow these businesses to build their commercial establishments in the area when they know this is supposed to be a sanctuary for the sea turtles and other living organisms in the area.

You can also check with your local municipality the different organizations that you can contact for the activity. These organizations would be happy to accommodate you. They need people to help them out in the preservation campaign of turtles and their nesting environment. With nesting environment destroyed, you are also ripping off these creatures the right to live in this world.

Volunteers will be taught the proper way of handling these eggs and the baby sea turtles. Make sure that you are joining legitimate organizations. You have to be of legal age or at least with a guardian when going to playa las tortugas nayarit for this purpose.

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