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Plush Unicorn The Builder Of Future Heros

By Jennie Sandoval

It the beauty and innocence of childhood that we remember. It is the one time when everything and anything is possible and we do not have to fear the unknown because even the darkest of times there was always going to be a hero to save us. Well nowadays the heroes are ourselves and while might not recall everything, we remember those special toys that were our friends, like the plush unicorn that never left our side.

It seems that our life is all about acquiring the right experiences and these often stem from our childhood. We might not always have felt like the most beautiful or the smartest, but creative play is part of growing up. There is nothing more important the learning that you can fly without even having wings.

By reading and telling stories are sure to help your child's mind get the stimulation it needs. It is the flight of creativity that opens the mind to endless and all possibilities. This later manifests itself in determination to achieve anything and everything regardless of the obstacles that are thrown our way.

If your children are read to when they are young, these stories will help to enhance their memories and improve the vocabulary. You should be proactive when you want to give your child the best life that you can, otherwise, it is TV that will help them grow up and this can cause a great deal of detachment.

Friends are also another way of teaching your children that they do not live in a life of their own but with others. They will learn to respect others and while young we often think that the world revolves around us. You have to make sure that you do not spoil your child as this will ruin them and they will not be able to cope with not getting the things they want.

This is a very scary notion as a parent because you feel that you are not being a good parent. However, this is not true; you are being a realistic parent because when your child goes out in the world they will not get what they want. The truth of the matter is, it will be harder for your child to accept from a stranger saying no to them than from their parent.

As a parent you need to make sure that you are doing your best to encourage your child at all times. You need to take them to places that are going to be good for their self confidence, even classes that are sure to make life better. Here they will get the chance to socialize with others and see how to treat them. These are all part of the life lessons that have to be learnt. They will carry these through their lives and so you need to make sure they at lest can say, no matter what, they tried.

Try to treat them like a smaller humans and not children as such and talk to them as you would another adult. At the end of the day the plush unicorn will do it bit, but you have to work in unison. You get only one chance to create the memories of a life time.

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